New Jersey Rumble Strips

We've done more rumble strip jobs in New Jersery than in any other state! As a rumble strip contractor in NJ, and being based close by (in Maryland), we know many of the state inspectors, as well as NJ rumble strip specifications. Because we're located right by New Jersey, we can offer prices lower than competitors, especially since we're already here, with no major traveling expenses! However, no matter where you need rumble strips, we'd be interested in hearing from you and/or giving you a quote! We cut rumble strips all over, so give us a call or use the contact form!

If you're looking for New Jersey rumble strips specifications, below are pdf files from NJ Department of Transportation. These file(s) show specs for shoulder rumble strips, centerline rumble strips, continuous rumble strips, intermittent rumble strips, as well as rumble strip depth, width, spacing and locations.

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NJ Acceleration Specs

New Jersey rumble strip specs for acceleration lanes

Above is New Jersey's specs for rumble strips around acceleration lanes.

NJ Deceleration Specs

New Jersey rumble strip specs for deceleration lanes

Above is New Jersey's specs for rumble strips around deceleration lanes.

NJ Shoulder Rumble Specs

NJ shoulder rumble strip specs

Above are the specifications for shoulder (or edgeline) rumble strips in New Jersey.

NJ Rumble Depth Specs

rumble strip depth specs for New Jersey

NJ specs for the depth of each rumble strip and the tolerance between peaks and valleys.

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