Rumble Stripping

We offer rumble strip installation in just about any state across the country. We follow each state's requirements and specifications for rumble strips and always complete jobs on or before schedule!

Sweeping Millings

We can either have the asphalt millings swept off the road and pushed to the side shoulders or have them swept into one of our dump trucks and hauled away. Either way, we leave a clean road behind us!

Traffic Control

Our traffic control team is the best in the business, ensuring traffic moves along and not tied up due to road construction. We have flaggers, attenuator truck and anything else to keep things safe!

Information on Rumble Strips

The types of rumble strips we install are milled asphalt rumble strips. Our rumble strip machine can rumble from 3-5 mph on asphalt roads and 1-1.5 mph if we rumble on concrete. We also provide sweeping service to remove millings or sweep them to the side of the roads, depending on your state's requirements. We also provide traffic control done by trained professionals who do an excellent job.

There are several types and styles with rumble strips. The type our company installs is milled rumble strips on asphalt and we follow each state's specifications for width, sequence of rumble strips and so on. The way rumble strips work is based on a series of raised "bumps" and indents (milled grooves) along the shoulder or centerline of a road. When a vehicle passes over rumble strips, it creates vibration and makes a "rumble" noise, alerting the driver. There has been 100's of studies on rumble strips, the cost-benefits of installing rumble strips, accident prevention studies, and much more. Most of the studies find that rumble strips do, in fact, reduce crashes, which ultimately reduce fatalities. The information within this page is brought to you by various sources, for example, DOT and other .gov websites. The statistics and facts from these sources are believed to be true.

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