Rumble Strips Services

We do it all! We provide milled rumble strips according to your state's specifications, sweep the asphalt millings, haul away and dump the millings and do traffic control!

Our equipment is the best in business, which ultimately ensures each rumble strip project is safe and efficient. Using new and improved equipment means we can cut the rumble strips faster, creating less traffic disturbance, and your roads & highways will have better rumble strip consistency using our equipment.

We've done 1000's of miles of rumble strips, and the experience we have from cutting rumble strips to sweeping and even traffic control, assures you that we'll get the job done, on time and done right! We have cut rumble strips all across the country, from North Dokata to Louisiana, New York to Missouri and multiple states in between. We cut as little as a few miles in a given state to 100's of miles. In LA alone, we cut over 600 miles and completed the project way ahead of schedule. While other machines are topping out at 1-3 miles an hour, we can nearly double that speed, which ultimately means getting the job done on or before schedule time and time again.

Rumble Stripping

RS20b cutting rumble strips
Rumble Strip Machine
rumble strips at 2-5 mph
rumble strip sweeper
Millings Sweeper
quickly sweeps millings
traffic control during rumble strips
Traffic Control
safe, reliable traffic control

View of us Rumble Stripping, Sweeping and Traffic Control

rumle strips crew

Our Capabilities

Cut Rumble Strips according to Your State's Specification
With our rumble strip machine, we can easily set the machine to cut rumble strips according to your state's requirements (depth, width, etc...).
Sweep Milling off Road and out of the Rumble Strips
Our sweeper can sweep millings either off the shoulder or onto our dump truck, whichever your state requires, leaving clean roads behind.
Dump Truck to Haul Away Millings
If your state requires the millings to be removed, we have dump trucks that can haul away the asphalt millings.
Quality Traffic Control
We're able to provide a full line of quality traffic control based on what's needed for each and every road we rumble strip.

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